Beaches of Menorca

It is impossible not to find the ideal place in Menorca. Sea, sand and sun are synonymous with the boundless beaches and coves of this beautiful second extension of the Balearic Islands. The name Menorca comes from Minorica, which takes its meaning from the fact that it is the smallest island of Mallorca.


Now, Menorca is located in the centre of the western Mediterranean and is one of the most popular Spanish islands in the world. Menorca in the summer has a population of 200.000 inhabitants or more, due to the large wave of tourism that occurs on this magical island.


Don’t worry about the official languages, as the inhabitants speak Spanish and Catalan, being the heritage of important historical events. Menorca has many secrets to discover, more than just spectacular beaches and coves, which we will talk about later.


The beaches and coves of Menorca are small with surroundings that provide decoration and advantages in the unique landscape of this island. However, many of the beaches are surrounded by vegetation, pine trees, roads, urbanisations, among many others. The best of all is that nature never goes unnoticed and welcomes us in its blue sky, white sand and crystal clear water.


Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993, thanks to its incredible landscapes capable of enchanting everyone who visits it. To hear about this island so unique in its climate, gastronomy, people, culture, celebrations and friendly inhabitants, is to feel like you are in paradise.


As we mentioned before, it is very difficult not to find the right place among its more than 100 beaches, where many people relax and spend quality time with the whole family. Are you already convinced?


Read on and get to know the best beaches and coves of Menorca, you will have the most meaningful trip of your life, together with your whole family.

Cala Turqueta

10 reviews

The most famous of Menorca for its turquoise water.

Cala Pregona

12 reviews

A very special and important cove in Menorca

Cala Blanca

8 reviews

Ideal cove for the family with complete services

Cala Mitjana

9 reviews

Unspoilt cove with white sand and turquoise water

Son Bou Beach

7 reviews

One of the most visited beaches due to its easy accessibility.

Cala Morell

6 reviews

A bay surrounded by cliffs that will make you fall in love with it.