Baked skate

Skate is a fish that is loved by everyone on the island and is the most respected fish on the island. There is a great variety of dishes with this fish as the main ingredient. This typical dish is cooked with potato, onion and tomato, which must be baked in a clay pot and covered with breadcrumbs, sweet paprika, garlic and parsley.


Doesn’t it provoke you? Baked skate is served in many restaurants, where they always offer the Menorcan flavour with a lot of passion.

Imagen de Raya al horno
Imagen de Raya al horno
Imagen de Raya al horno
Imagen de Raya en Menorca

Characteristics of the baked skate

  • Origin of the baked skate

    This is a version of Perol Menorquín but with skate. The ray is a highly valued fish on the island of Menorca.

  • Elaboration

    The same as the Menorcan perol, with a layer of potato, ray and tomato. Cover with water until the potato is covered and then cover with breadcrumbs. Then bake in the oven at 180º.

  • Characteristics

    Basically, the wings of the ray are eaten because they are tastier and richer in protein. The ray's liver also adds a very tasty touch to the dish. In Menorcan it is also called Perol de patata i ratjada.

Recipe Baked skate

Preparation time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Difficulty: medium

Ingredients for 4 persons

1 kg skate

1 kg of potatoes

4 or 5 cloves of garlic



extra virgin olive oil





Preparation of the recipe

Once the skate has been cleaned and cut, place a layer of peeled and sliced potatoes in an earthenware dish, on top of which is placed another layer with the skate, another layer of potatoes on top, and finally a last layer with open and sugared tomatoes, and on top of these a chopped garlic and parsley; cover with breadcrumbs, add a good splash of oil and half water, half milk until the dish is covered. Put in the oven until the liquid has reduced.

Source of the recipe: Fàbrega J., Puigvert C. (1996), La cocina de Menorca (Menorcan Cuisine)