Cheese of Mahón

Cheese is a typical food in Menorca. You will notice during your stay that the table of the Menorcans cannot be without their delicious Mahón cheese. This cheese has a particular and very delicious flavour, being an important product for the island, which is made with cow’s milk curdled at low temperature.

There are historical facts that affirm that cheese was common in the menus of the inhabitants in prehistoric times, as certain remains of the elements used for the elaboration have been found in the year 2,000 BC. Menorcan cheese is generally known as “Mahón” cheese, but it is produced all over the island. This is because it was traditionally sold in the island’s main port. Its characteristics and presentation have not changed since then either. The whole cheeses, square in shape and with rounded edges, show the marks of the tarpaulins in which they were traditionally wrapped. 


It has had a designation of origin since 1985, although its fame dates back to the Middle Ages, when Catalan monarchs ensured that there was always a ready supply in their larders. It can be bought mild, medium, matured or aged, but any of its varieties will please the most demanding palates. As well as being delicious on its own, it is also excellent with fresh fruit (grapes) or candied fruit (quince) and forms part of the island’s culinary specialities.


The cheeses and sausages are prepared in an artisan way, identifying in their flavour all the tradition of Menorca. Don’t hesitate to try them or take them with you after your trip.

Queso de Mahón
Queso de Mahón
Queso de Mahón
Queso de Mahón

Characteristics of the cheese de Mahón-Menorca

  • Denomination of origin

    It has been a Protected Designation of Origin since 1985. In 1997 it was renamed "Mahón-Menorca".

  • Type of milk used

    Menorcan cow's milk is used to make the cheese.

  • Characteristics

    Thanks to the wind, humidity and light of Menorca, Mahón-Menorca cheese has an intense and unmistakable flavour.