Menorcan sobrassada

While we are on the subject of sausages, we should take the opportunity to explain this other Menorcan product, which is an important part of the table of each and every one of the inhabitants. The origin of sobrassada is in Sicily, but it arrives on the island through trade and has become an important artisan product.


Sobrasada is made from the meat of the local “faixat” breed of pig. This sausage has a fine consistency, a characteristic reddish colour and an incredible but delicate taste. There are different types of sobrasada, depending on how it is made. The difference between Menorcan sobrasada and Majorcan sobrasada is that Menorcan sobrasada has less fat.


Its intense flavours, smells and colours make it an excellent accompaniment for different Menorcan dishes. The gastronomy of Menorca is unique, so be sure to try it.

Imagen de sobrasada de Menorca
Imagen de sobrasada de Menorca
Imagen de sobrasada de Menorca
Imagen de sobrasada de Menorca

Characteristics of Menorcan sobrassada

  • Origin

    Its origin comes from Sicily in the 15th century when King Martin I asked the King of Sicily for sobrassada. But it was not until the 18th century that paprika was added to the sobrasada, giving it its characteristic reddish colour.

  • Elaboration

    It is made with chopped lean meat from the hams and shoulders of castrated pigs of the fajado variety, a variety native to the island. Paprika and salt are added as preservatives.

  • Characteristics

    On the palate it is finer than Mallorcan and has a delicate taste. Its intensity depends on the curing time. It combines perfectly with honey or local cheese.