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Entrada principal a la Isla Lazareto de Mahón

The second edition of the Lazareto Music & Gastro Festival 2023 is moving to a new venue after failing to reach an agreement with the Consell Insular to continue on the Lazareto Island in Mahón. The new venue will be the San Felipe Castle in Es Castell.

The new stage will allow for better public access, which will be done by land instead of by sea as in the Lazareto Island. The capacity will be 2,500 spectators, 1,000 more than what the Consell Insular required for Lazareto in 2023.

Full moon on Lazareto Island

News of Lazareto festival 2023

Discover the best-kept secret of the summer: the Lazareto Music & Gastro Festival is back! The organizers have announced the lineup for its second edition, which will take place between July 27th and August 8th. And the best part? The change of venue from Lazareto Island to the Sant Felip Castle, with a much larger audience capacity.

The cultural event retains the name of the iconic islet in the port of Maó. The reason for this change of venue is the publication of the ten-point conditions of use of the Latzeret by the Consell Insular, which has prevented concerts from being held in the same location and led to the change.

Musical programming of Lazareto festival 2023

As for the artistic programme, the festival promises to be a great success with renowned names and innovative proposals. Ainhoa Arteta will kick off the festival on 27 July, followed by The Christians on 28 July, Taburete on 29 July and Anastacia on 30 July. There will also be opera with Rigoletto on 31 July, and shows by Village People on 1 August, Earth Wind & Fire on 2 August, Gipsy Kings on 3 August, Sara Baras on 4 August, Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet on 5 August, Boney M on 6 August, Antonio Orozco on 7 August and Chambao on 8 August. It’s a unique programme you won’t want to miss!

Here is the line-up and dates for Lazareto Festival 2023:

  • Ainhoa Arteta: 27th July
  • The Cristians: 28th July
  • Taburete: 29th July
  • Anastacia: 30th July
  • Rigoletto: 31st July
  • Village People: 1sd August
  • Earth Wind & Fire: 2nd August
  • Gipsy Kings: 3th August
  • Sara Baras: 4th August
  • Tony Hadley: 5th August
  • Boney M: 6th August
  • Antonio Orozco: 7th August
  • Chambao: 8th August

Culinary proposal of the Lazareto Festival 2023

But that’s not all. The star of the gastronomic part will be the famous chef Paco Pérez, with five Michelin stars, and we couldn’t be more excited to taste his dishes! In addition, the local culinary proposal will be represented by Víctor Bayo, ensuring a first class gastronomic experience.

This summer, don’t miss out on the festival that promises to be the sensation of the year – buy your tickets now and join the party at the Lazareto Music & Gastro Festival!

Isla Lazareto concerts 2022: What are the best festivals?

While various concerts are held on Isla Lazareto every year, some specifically enjoy great popularity, such as those held annually as summer progresses. In these events, national and international artists gather with their audience as part of their tours in Spanish territory.

Last year, a festival that had never been held on the island before took place, and it was the Lazareto Music & Gastro Festival. It was an unprecedented gathering in which only 2,500 spectators per day were admitted, who could only access the event by boat and with prior reservation.

The Lazareto Festival took place for 10 consecutive days, and it wasn’t just about music. During the event, attendees could also enjoy delicious menus with popular dishes from the island, prepared by Paco Roncero and Diego Guerrero.

During the event, there were over 10 performances by iconic pop rock groups like Nacha Pop and Los Secretos. International groups like the legendary pop-rock group UB40, with their great hits from the 1980s, Kool & the Gang, Dire Straits Legacy, and Mayumana also performed.

There were also flamenco performances on some nights, featuring brilliant acts by Juanito Makandé and Antonio Carmona.

Culinary experience during Lazareto Music & Gastro

In this first edition of the festival, the culinary experience for the audience was led by two of the most important chefs in the region: Paco Roncero and Diego Guerrero, both holders of two Michelin stars.

The menus designed for the occasion were characterized by their sophistication, regional products, and iconic preparations. However, attendees also had the option to explore the island’s street food, where more than 20 food and beverage stalls were set up.

But the tastings didn’t end there. Attendees had the opportunity to try a cocktail experience consisting of two exclusive drinks and four accompanying appetizers, priced at €55.

Culinary proposal by Chef Paco Roncero

Roncero’s menu kicked off the festivities with foie gras-filled filipinos with white chocolate and cardamom. The celebration continued with crispy Mahón cheese coca and summer truffles.

To conclude the starters, Paco included corvina tiradito with milk tiger spheres, as well as tuna, anchovy, and caviar with tomato tartare.

The main dishes by this chef featured his specialties: skate in black butter, lobster ravioli with crayfish broth, and Menorcan beef rib in foyot sauce. Finally, for dessert, he offered lemon financier with lime ice cream, ginger, and yuzu gel.

Culinary proposal by Chef Diego Guerrero

On the other hand, Chef Diego Guerrero decided to start his menu with 7 appetizers: cured cherry with chives and frozen raspberry, vegetable avocado butter with pickled chilies, carabinero roll with jalapeño and mint, creamy Mahón cheese with beetroot coating, Dspeak calamari, Mahón port mussels with mojo and sweet potato, and 7-day-old sea bass with island marine pickles.

Diners could choose between land or sea rice as their main course and then indulge in a soufflé with vanilla, spicy carob, rum, almonds, and roses.

In this case, Guerrero’s proposal was more affordable than Roncero’s, with diners paying only €75.

In addition to the concerts on Isla Lazareto, what else can you enjoy here?

Coming to Isla Lazareto is the easiest way to explore an important part of Menorca’s history.

Guided tours are offered here, allowing you to visit and explore key points on the island, such as the museum, the viewpoint, the cemetery, the Tower of Whispers, the surveillance tower with a cistern, and ventilation warehouses with extraordinary architecture.

It’s worth noting that even if there are no scheduled concerts on the island, you can take a boat there from Cales Fonts, usually priced at €18. Although you can buy your ticket directly on the boat, it’s best to reserve it in advance because there is high tourist demand and the boats may not have available spots at the time of your visit, depending on the time of year.

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