Villages of Menorca

We know that Menorca stands out for its beautiful beaches and coves that show the most important landscapes of this small island, but it is not the only thing to see, the villages in Menorca highlight the cultural importance, so, read on.


Menorca is the smallest island of the Balearic Islands, it is characterised by its landscapes, culture, gastronomy, history and beaches, in addition, it has a great diversity of natural habitats that are enjoyed year after year by many travellers willing to take advantage of every corner of Menorca.

The advantage of visiting the villages of Minorca is that you can take advantage of any time of the year to go on an adventure, discover, get to know, stroll and relax on this island, which was named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993.


There are no limits to your travels; on the contrary, make sure you visit every corner of the place where you are going to stay. The attractions of this island are like a film, each village that we will explain below has charm, architecture and an infinite number of places where you can spend a few fantastic days.


The colour of the houses, the stone streets, the mild climate and Mediterranean atmosphere will only inspire you to explore the villages in Menorca. Who doesn’t love to discover new things? We know you do, without our capacity for culture and traditions we wouldn’t be able to have fun, so let’s discover new things.


Menorca does not overlook a single Spanish celebration, its streets are filled with joy and music for any traditional event, just as in the evenings the entertainment is moonlit ready to amuse, entertain, even find a good chat.


What are you waiting for? The villages await your long awaited visit, their charm will be the most romantic, beautiful and cultural thing you will perceive in all your travels around the world. If you’ve ever wondered why Menorca is so popular? Find out the answer below.


15 reviews

The capital of Menorca

Sant Lluís

6 reviews

Capital of the south coast

Binibeca Vell

10 reviews

Dream fishing village

Es Castell

9 reviews



12 reviews

The other capital of Menorca

Sant Climent

8 reviews

Inland Menorca in its purest form


10 reviews

Fornells Bay


6 reviews

Menorcan style