Gastronomy in Menorca

Typical products of Menorca

Menorca is a paradise full of beaches, coves, villages, museums and unforgettable landscapes. What is better than being by the beach while tasting a Menorcan dish? Menorca is much more than tourist places, this island knows how to satisfy sight, smell, touch and very well, taste.


Menorca has a Mediterranean climate, with a beautiful crystal clear turquoise sea, where all year round there are activities for the whole family. We not only want to show you the most delicious and typical Menorcan dishes of the island, we also want you to get to know the handmade products that you can take home with you, with an incredible Mediterranean flavour.


Menorca received the award as a European Gastronomic Region in 2022. This distinction is awarded by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT) and recognises the importance of Menorca’s cuisine, heritage and gastronomic tourism. Menorca receives this distinction for having a rich gastronomy and a wide variety of high quality local products due to its historical food traditions and deep rural roots. Thus, the island can offer a unique and unpretentious local gastronomy, based on the Mediterranean diet, which is part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


When we go on a trip, we may think about accommodation and food during our holidays, but this will no longer be a problem. Menorcan cuisine is rich and varied, where fish and seafood are the most outstanding elements, ideal to be part of an unforgettable experience on the beaches.


However, if you are a travel lover, you have probably taken some stone or shell that decorates your home or some product of which you have kept a beautiful memory, Menorca produces its own food products, fulfilling the tradition and divinity that comprises this island. Find out much more!

Menorcan wine

Vi de la Terra Illa de Menorca

4 reviews

Mahón cheese

Mahón-Menorca cheese

8 reviews


Menorcan sobrassada

14 reviews


Gin Xoriguer

8 reviews


Menorcan ensaimada

14 reviews

Typical dishes from Menorca

Menorca’s gastronomy is unique in flavours, textures and characterises exactly how Mediterranean this beautiful island is. Although Menorca is small, it can make you experience great emotions, flavours and take with you unique experiences in each place.

The cuisine in Menorca emphasizes on fish and seafood dishes, with a wide historical recipe book that has been kept for decades satisfying the hunger of many inhabitants and new flavours to travellers.


You already know all the typical products of Menorca that you can get according to the gastronomy, now, it is important to recognize each of the typical dishes that make up a beautiful island is landscapes, beaches, culture and tradition.

Caldereta de langosta

Fisherman’s plate

18 reviews


Delicious Menrocan dish

12 reviews

Baked skate

Menorcan perol with ray

6 reviews

Minorcan perol

Traditional dish

6 reviews


Typical sweet from Menorca

15 reviews