Perol menorquín

It is a very popular dish in Menorca, in every home it can be prepared in different ways, but it maintains its tradition with a delicious flavour. The ingredients can be to taste without avoiding the fundamental steps to maintain the tradition, adding a layer of potatoes, over a layer of sliced tomatoes.


These layers must be covered with breadcrumbs, parsley and garlic, then prepared in the oven and left to gratinate. When ready, it can be distinguished as a delicious Menorcan lasagne. Although its basic ingredients are few, its flavour is unique, and it will depend on taste and needs to enrich its flavour with more ingredients.


This dish should be prepared in an earthenware casserole to maintain the typical flavour it guarantees. Many people usually add fish, seafood or meat to complement it.

Imagen de perol menorquín
Imagen de perol menorquín
Imagen de perol menorquín
Imagen de perol menorquín

Characteristics of the perol menorquín

  • Origin of the perol menorquín

    This is a classic Menorcan dish. Perol menorquín is based on potatoes and tomatoes and can be served with meat or fish.

  • Elaboration

    In an earthenware dish, add layers of potatoes, lamb chops and tomatoes and cover with breadcrumbs. Add water to cover the potatoes and bake in the oven.

  • Characteristics

    There are as many recipes as there are houses in Menorca. Each house has its own recipe, adding fish or meat depending on what they have.