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Fortaleza Isabel II Menorca

La Mola

La Mola is a beautiful fortress located at the entrance to the splendid port of Mahón, this magical enclosure that is located right on the

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Camí de Cavalls in Cala Tirant

Camí de Cavalls

Camí de Cavalls is a hiking route around the island of Menorca with a length of 185 kilometres. The trail was built in the 14th

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Faro de Artrutx en Menorca

Lighthouse Route

If you are in Menorca and you want to enjoy all its charm, such as nature and beautiful sunsets, then you must visit the lighthouses

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Poblado Talayótico de Trepucó en Menorca

Talayotic Menorca

Talayotic Menorca is a prehistoric culture that flourished on the island of Menorca between 1500 BC and 1000 BC. It is characterised by the construction

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Pareja Silver de vacaciones en Menorca

Silver Tourism in Menorca

Nowadays, there are many tourists over 50 years old who are looking for new experiences, such as sustainable nature tourism, specifically focused on ecotourism, agrotourism,

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