Weather in Menorca

If you are planning a trip to Menorca, you have made an incredible decision, but it is important that you know the climate, to determine at what time of the year it is ideal to travel. The island of Menorca tends to maintain a Mediterranean climate, thanks to its geographical location.

The typical climate is usually mild winters, changeable spring and autumn and hot summers.

The surrounding sea means that extreme temperatures are rare. The island can be windy, especially on the north coast. Winds from the north quadrant predominate, but the powerful north wind blows more strongly and insistently, with speeds ranging from 20 mph to over 55 mph. It has an impressive effect on the environment, with trees and bushes taking on strange leaning formations, but it also ensures an excess of clear skies, a clean atmosphere and bright sunshine.

The climate in Menorca is warm and very humid compared to the rest of the archipelago. Extremely low temperatures are unknown and you have to check the records to see when the last snowfall was. Summer temperatures average 25°C and 12°C in winter.

Typical average temperatures are given in degrees Celsius (C):

Average jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
11º C
11º C
12º C
14º C
18º C
22º C
25º C
25º C
23º C
19º C
15º C
12º C

Find out all about the seasons of the year and the climate of Menorca for a dream holiday with unique landscapes.

Weather in each season

Now, we are going to explain each of the seasons of the year in Menorca in order to reach a conclusion about the best time to travel. Menorca being an island, it will be ideal to travel in a clear season, without rain and with plenty of sunshine to enjoy every corner.


Find out everything relevant to the temperatures of each season of the year, as well as our recommendation on whether or not to travel during those months. Menorca is definitely a Mediterranean paradise, where every person, local and hotel, will welcome you with a big smile.

Winter in Menorca

This season is the coolest from December to March with maximum temperatures of around 10° C during the day and minimum temperatures of up to 7° C, which is the average throughout the winter.


When winter arrives in Menorca the inhabitants enjoy the peace and quiet, as after the summer it can create a busy atmosphere, which in winter returns to normality and tranquillity. Between December and January, it is possible to feel the coldest days, but in March it starts to warm up again.


Winter is the low season in Menorca, which can be ideal for those who wish to explore the whole island without too many people.

Spring in Menorca

Spring is a unique season of the year, where the meadows are dyed green, the sky is marked with intense blue and the waves of the sea call out to us with eagerness. In spring the temperatures are much milder from March to May, where maximum temperatures reach 23°C, and minimum temperatures can reach 16°C.


In Menorca spring is a joy that fills the streets, where food smells, jazz plays and celebrations are the order of the day.


In spring the season is a little higher due to the mild climate, but the relaxation of the place is incredible.

Summer in Menorca

Beach, sun, sand and fun! When summer arrives in Menorca everything comes alive again, making it the best time to travel to Menorca. The maximum temperatures can be between 28°C to 32°C, at least, the minimum temperatures will be between 21°C to 29°C. Offering incredible weather to stroll around the most beautiful island of Spain, from June to August.


The beaches and coves will show the most beautiful of their landscapes to welcome every traveller excited in front of so much magic. The festivities and celebrations in these months extend until September, but the days offered by the three summer months are the longest of the whole year, excellent for different activities.


Although most of the summer activities take place on the beach, there are also activities for hiking enthusiasts. Menorca clears the sky and the doors to every traveller in summer, where the crowds awaken in every place.


Summer is high season, where many people enjoy mornings with a unique breakfast of local gastronomy, and then contemplate the best beaches of the island while the soft sand gets into your feet. Concerts in the evenings are not to be missed, every hour in Menorca in summer is worth it.

Autumn in Menorca

Its last days of sun and beach come hand in hand with the onset of autumn in September until November, making it the perfect time of year to visit other amazing places in Menorca, as well as museums, parks and art galleries.


Maximum temperatures can drop to as low as 12°C, while minimum temperatures do not exceed 23°C. Autumn is the low season in Menorca, ideal for sampling the gastronomy at length with a much quieter and calmer atmosphere.

When is the worst time to travel to Menorca?

If you don’t want to be limited in getting out to see the best of Menorca, you should avoid the winter season, when many activities cannot be carried out due to the cold weather and rain. It can even be very difficult to find accommodation.


The low season is in November, December, January, February and Easter, when most hotels and restaurants are closed. Temperatures are very cold, especially at night.


Now, if you are a winter lover, it can be the best time for you, as the landscapes, trails and beaches can be enjoyed with their unique, lonely and peaceful scenery.

When is the best time to travel to Menorca?

Menorca has a varied, but fairly mild climate. So travelling to Menorca will depend on the tastes and needs of each traveller. If you want to visit all the beaches and enjoy the beautiful sunshine in Menorca, it will be ideal to take advantage of the months from June to August, in summer.


In summer, the hotels stay open, the locals offer their best options and you will find many people getting to know every corner of Menorca. Now, if you prefer a low season to get to know Menorca much better, you can travel in spring or autumn, but you just have to have the right clothes.


Menorca is a paradise that celebrates every festival to the fullest, its culture and tradition will be part of everything you want to do, so travelling to Menorca will always be a good option. Enjoy the spectacular nights of Menorca with a glass of the best wine, concerts, dinners and landscapes in their maximum state of preservation.