Gin Xoriguer is the gin of Menorca, although wine is a fundamental and important drink, it is not the only one that characterises the flavour of the island. This gin is also the main ingredient of pomada, a typical drink in Menorca that has been distributed all over the world.


This drink has been popular in Menorca for more than 300 years, having been brought by the English, since then it has been made from herbs and fruits to be part of many celebrations among the locals, of course travellers cannot resist this delicious drink.


The first bottles of gin were made in Mahon, which has been maintained for many years with unique ingredients and musks that make up this typical Menorcan drink.

Gin Xoriguer
Gin Xoriguer
Gin Xoriguer
Gin Xoriguer

Characteristics of Menorca Gin

  • Origin of the Menorca Gin

    El Gin of Mahón tiene sus inicios a raíz de la gran demanda de ginebra por parte de los soldados ingleses cuando la ocupación inglesa en el siglo XVIII. Por este motivo se impulsó a los artesanos de la isla a elaborar ginebra.

  • Elaboration

    Menorcan gin is made with vinyl alcohol, juniper from the Pyrenees and a series of aromatic herbs. With these ingredients and wood from Menorcan trees to heat the copper stills they produced Mahon Gin.

  • Characteristics

    Pomada is the combination of gin and lemonade, passing the typical drink of the popular festivities in Menorca.