It is the best place in Menorca to enjoy fish and seafood, as well as maintaining vivid colours in its landscape regardless of the time of year. One of the obligatory stops in this town is the Torre de Fornells, which has an important historical importance, having been built in the 19th century.


The bay of Fornells, in Menorca, bewitches anyone who gazes at it for a second too long. A refuge for fishermen returning from the raging sea, its protective role has extended to the summer masses: it triggers emotional phrases to fill postcards, it rocks the efforts of beginners who brave the winds on surfboards or in small boats and distracts the digestion of gourmets. It is like a huge saltwater lake purposely placed to soothe the senses. It is the setting and the soul of this small village that conveys peace and calm and yet it was built under the protection of a fortress, the Castle of Sant Antoni. Like the Castle of Sant Felip, at the entrance to the Port of Maó, and for the same strategic reasons (against, of course, those who had recommended its construction), it succumbed to the pickaxes. Only a few of its warehouses remain, which appear next to the shore as we enter the town, and which cannot be confused with the solidity that communicates the restored British watchtower that guarded the entrance to the bay.


From its privileged position, Fornells is ideal as a base of operations for maritime excursions along the north coast, a coastline that alternates delightful corners with rugged coastal furrows. It is also the destination of all food lovers, who sometimes even come from the other islands, attracted by the steaming aroma of the delicious calderetes de llagosta (many restaurants promote this dish).


The tiny hidden coves on the shore opposite the village – from where you can also try to explore the Mola de Fornells, protected as a natural space – or the old salt pans, on the innermost point of the bay, are other of the many attractive possibilities offered by the area. To reach these places you have to cross the stretch of water, which can be done on boards or in rented kayaks, as the water is usually calm and navigation is easy here.


The bay and harbour, likewise, is a good place to take photos and relax. This fishing village keeps the sport and fishing as a tradition. Enjoy the beautiful view with white houses that combine perfectly with the blue sky.

Fornells de Menorca
Fornells de Menorca
Fornells de Menorca
Fornells de Menorca

Details of Fornells

  • Population

    969 inhabitants

  • Demonym

    Fornellera, fornellero

  • Location

    North of Menorca