Best beaches in Menorca

Mejores playas Menorca - Cala Turqueta

Menorca, dear Menorca! Unrivalled for its beaches and coves that offer relaxation on the finest and softest sands in Europe. This Balearic island is renowned for all its beaches and coves, for such a small island, it gives you wide beaches and unlimited fun.

There are not many places in the world with so many unspoilt beaches, the main attraction of this island. No doubt having so many beaches to visit you may be confused where to spend your holidays, so we have compiled for you the best beaches in Menorca.

Cala Turqueta

Let’s start with one of the most popular coves in Menorca, it is distinguished by the colour of the crystal clear turquoise water that catches the attention of all travellers. It is a very crowded area, but it has a wide panorama for the whole family to enjoy.

This beach is located on the south coast, it is an unspoilt beach surrounded by nature that creates a unique and peaceful atmosphere. Its crystalline waters are calm enough to relax in its interiors, besides, the sports practised can be a lot of fun.

To get to Cala Turqueta you can do it from Ciutadella, where there are rural roads to go directly to this wonderful beach with only 10 minutes walking, or if you want to go by bus or your own vehicle.

Cala Pregonda

This beach is totally different from all the others we are going to mention, it is distinguished by its reddish and soft sand. It is located in the northern area, being a virgin beach with several houses around it that protect its appearance and nature. It is one of the best beaches in Menorca, and very popular with tourists.

Cala Pregonda has two red sandy beaches and is protected by two islets that make a very pleasant and beautiful landscape. Although it is very popular and crowded, it is a bit difficult to get to, it is necessary to walk about 20 minutes from the neighbouring beach

There are no excuses for not having fun in Menorca, being a paradise for all beach lovers at its best. Enjoy clear skies, crystal clear waters and reddish sand in a beautiful cove with your partner or loved ones.

Son Bou Beach

This is one of the most touristic beaches and one of the best known by all. This beach is not virgin, like most of the ones we will talk about, so many activities are carried out from here and a spectacular view.

Son Bou is known for being the longest and largest beach in Menorca, where evenings are full of excitement to contemplate the sunset together with the waves of the sea. Its crystal clear waters combine with the blue sky, while the sun shines on the soft sand, making this beach impossible to miss with the little ones.

It is important to keep an eye out for signs on the beach, as it can sometimes be very currenty and dangerous. Although it is one of the most visited beaches, you will never have the feeling of being on an urban beach.

Cala Macarella and Macarelleta

If you want to experience marine life at its best, of course you must visit these beautiful coves. This small cove has comfortable dimensions to spread out your towel and lie on the ground to contemplate the turquoise blue of the crystal clear water.

Cala Macarella is ideal for snorkelling and other water sports activities that will add to the fun at all times. Don’t live your trip to Menorca with limits, explore each of its deepest corners, including the sea.

Now, if you want more peace and quiet you can approach Cala Macarelleta swimming or walking where you will have a much more intimate and quiet place. It is worth noting that these coves are popular for being nudist beaches, so take your precautions in case it is not to your liking.

It’s a beach with plenty of places to eat or buy delicious drinks during your stay, so don’t miss a moment in these coves.

Santo Tomas Beach

Let’s talk about this little mentioned beach, but with a unique extension, which is maintained all along the southern coast of Menorca with 25 metres of extension and 400 metres of length where everybody can enjoy the sun, sand and a lot of sea.

On this beach you will not only feel the typical smell of Menorca, but also an atmosphere of pine trees that favours a unique afternoon on the island. The Santo Tomás beach is frequented by the inhabitants of Menorca, ideal to get away from the coves full of tourists, but taking advantage of the most beautiful views that Menorca has.

The area has plenty of places ready to offer fun for everyone, you can relax in a restaurant or bar with the delicacies of the island. You can take long walks along the soft sand and crystal clear waters that will make you relax completely.

Cala Morell

If you are a lover of diving and perfect photographs, this beach will be your best choice. Cala Morell is not suitable for children as it has many rocky areas and deep parts in the sea, so it can be perfect for those who want to take underwater pictures.

However, for those who love a good dip in the sea, this cove is suitable. Enjoy the depths of Menorca with its quietest, most mysterious and magical beaches.

Cala Tortuga

With its beautiful name you surely felt attracted, this beach is virgin, but has great ecological importance. It is a beach with soft white sand that highlights the crystal clear and cool waters. If you are wondering about its name, near this beach there is a lagoon called Bassa de Morella where many turtles live.

Getting to this beach is not easy, nor is access to it easy in summer, as they close the possibility of entering by car. To get there you have to take a bus that will leave you about 2 km walking from Cala Tortuga, so you should consider going.

La Vall Beach

Have you heard of it? Surely yes, it is located in the north of Menorca, very close to Cala Morell. This beach has white sand, crystalline waters and an incredible pine forest in the background that decorates the environment in a natural way, being quite a spectacle of a beach.

It is also very easy to reach from Ciutadella if you have a car, and it is possible to visit with the whole family.

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