La Mola

Fortaleza Isabel II Menorca

La Mola is a beautiful fortress located at the entrance to the splendid port of Mahón, this magical enclosure that is located right on the most easterly point of Spain, specifically designed for the defence of the port of Mahón.

Origin of La Mola

The Fortress La Mola Mahón was built by the British during the 18th century. Construction began in 1848 and was completed in 1852. During the Spanish War of Independence, the fortress became an important military stronghold. During the War of Independence, the fortress was used to protect Menorca from the French. In 1802, the fortress was handed over to the Spanish authorities. During the Cuban War in 1898, the fortress was used to store munitions and supplies.

A military construction on the island of Menorca (La Fortaleza de Isabel II), this fascinating fortification takes us back to a time of conflict and tension between the great empires that dominated the Mediterranean.

In this enclosure you can see one of the largest fortresses built in Europe in the 19th century, you can also see that its state of conservation is in excellent condition, you can also see ostentatious views of the port and the coastline of the island of Menorca.

La Mola de Mahón is a natural environment that was declared a Special Area for the Protection of Birds and was also declared a Site of Community Interest to guarantee its protection.

The fortress of La Mola was located in the middle of the dispute for the hegemony of the so-called Mediterranean maritime routes, which were disputed by the British naval force and the French fleet in the 19th century.

It is important to mention that the natural harbour of Mahón is the second largest natural harbour in the world, it is just over 5 km long and has been envied on several occasions for its advantageous location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Queen Isabella II of Spain, in order to extend and also to perfect the coastal defence of the city of Mahón and under the threat of a new British invasion, in an attempt to regain control of the port, ordered the construction of the fortress which still conserves its name and which is known as La Mola, it has an area of approximately 1 square kilometre.

Interior Fortress Isabel II Menorca

Architecture of the Fortress La Mola Mahon

The Fortress La Mola Mahón has impressive architecture. It is built on a peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean Sea, making the fortress a marvel of military engineering. The fortress covers an area of 120,000 square metres, making it one of the largest fortifications in Europe. The structure of the fortress is in the neoclassical style, which makes it very attractive to the eye.

Visit to the Fortress, La Mola and activities

The visit to La Mola (Fortress of Isabel II) can now be combined with the practice of different cultural and leisure activities, which allows you to choose whether you prefer guided tours or audio-guided tours, as well as cycling activities, equestrian routes and jeep rides, all of which can be seen from the paths that surround the fortress.

In addition, you can visit the Vickers Canyon, this canyon has preserved the facilities.

Interior Fortress Isabel II Menorca

You can enjoy equestrian and period shows, as well as other types of activities that can be performed and get a fascinating and unique experience after your visit to the Mola Menorca.

The activities that take place at the Mola are specially designed so that the whole family can participate, and adults, teenagers and children of all ages can learn about the history of Menorca.

In addition, visitors can tour the fortress galleries and the best thing is that the Mola offers educational games for both children and adults.

We will tell you about some of the activities you can enjoy after a visit to La Mola, in addition to those we have already mentioned in this article:

The Shadow of La Mola

This is a theatrical show with sunset, where you can discover La Sombra de la Mola, a beautiful monologue by Carlos Garrido and performed by Josep Mercadal. To see this beautiful show it is necessary to book in advance and the timetable varies during the summer and depending on the time of sunset.

Birdwatching on La Mola

After a visit to La Mola you can enjoy the possibility of watching a variety of birds in their natural habitat, one example is the Balearic shearwater, a unique bird that is endemic to Spain.

To enjoy this great spectacle of birds you must make a reservation in advance through the following telephone numbers:

  • 971 364 040
  • 686 659 400

You can also book and request information through:

First sunrise in Spain (breakfast with the first sun in Spain)

You can enjoy the first sunrise in Spain, thanks to its beautiful natural environment and its incredible location on a cliff that measures approximately 80 meters, which allows you to get a spectacular view of the sea and you can also see the entrance of the Port of Mahon.

Fortress Isabel II Menorca

This wonderful visit includes the following:

  • A delicious breakfast and you will be able to visit the Mola, for this it is important that you make a reservation in advance.
  • To make a reservation and obtain all the necessary information you must call the following telephone number 971 364 040 / 686 659 400 or obtain information through:

La Mola by bicycle

In La Mola you can do a variety of activities, but one of the most outstanding is cycling. From La Mola you can practise cycling and sedentary activities, as it is one of the ideal environments for this type of sport, and you can also visit the different areas. La Mola offers a wide range of possibilities for sport and the best thing is that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the historical monuments found in this beautiful fortress.

If you enter the underground galleries you will be able to enjoy the architecture of the fortress and you can also visit it on your bike.

It should be noted that La Mola has spaces that are fully suitable for organising conventions, meetings, workshops and seminars, available for those who are interested.

In addition, La Mola has rooms with different capacities that can be adapted for any type of activity.

There is no doubt that La Mola offers all its visitors activities of different types with added value for those who attend this marvellous fortress.

La Mola, in addition to the aforementioned activities, periodically offers conferences or seminars to delve deeper into the scientific and artistic fields. These activities are organised with the collaboration of local bodies and organisations specialising in this type of activity.

La Mola: Viewpoints

La Mola is full of viewpoints that expose spectacular landscapes of the island, from the mouth of the port of Mahón to the north coast, as well as a large part of the east coast of the island of Menorca.

Here are some of the viewpoints you can visit:

Clot de La Mola viewpoint

Through this beautiful viewpoint you can observe a small inlet that once allowed ships to anchor, this during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Viewpoint, Puerta de la Reina

From this beautiful viewpoint you can make out the remains of the castle of San Felipe and also see the British tower of Sant Felipet.

Fortress Isabel II Menorca

Hornabeque viewpoint

From this viewpoint you can see the port of Mahón and a large part of the inlet, as well as the Lazareto or the so-called sanitary fortress.

Vickers Canyon Viewpoint

This viewpoint is located at the highest point of La Mola and from there you can see a large part of the island.

Punta de S’Esperó Lighthouse and Viewpoint

From the lighthouse and viewpoint you can see impressive views of the Mediterranean and the Menorcan coast.

How to get to La Mola?

As mentioned above, La Mola (Fortress of Isabel II) is located at the eastern end of the island of Menorca, at the mouth of the natural harbour of Mahón, just on the northern shore where the entrance to the harbour is closed.

To get to La Mola you have three options:

1. By car

If you are travelling by car, you must go from the roundabout at the Port of Mahon and follow the M3 road to La Mola until you reach the end, which is approximately 7 kilometres.

2. By boat

If you prefer to go by boat, then you should go to any company that offers boat services. Some of the companies offer departures from the Port of Mahón or from Cales Fonts. Remember that many companies require a prior reservation in order to take you by boat.

3. Taxi

You can also request the services of a taxi to reach La Mola. Contact the company of your choice and travel safely.

As you can see, La Mola is an area of the island of Menorca that is immense and also offers the possibility of being able to enjoy its rich nature, monuments and beautiful landscapes.

Moreover, after your tour of La Mola you can enjoy a refreshment, a snack or if you prefer you can enjoy a delicious ice cream without leaving the enclosure, because within it is a bar, this is located in the centre of the square Hornabeque. If you want to get a nice souvenir, you can find it in a shop located in the enclosure.

What are the opening hours of the Fortress La Mola Mahon?

The opening hours of the fortress vary according to the season. It is recommended that you check the opening times online before planning your visit.

How can I get to La Mola Fortress Mahon?

You can reach the fortress by car, as it has a large car park. You can also get there by public transport, as there is a bus stop near the entrance to the fortress.

What kind of activities can I do at the Fortress La Mola Mahón?

The fortress offers a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages, from boat trips to hiking along the paths surrounding the fortress.

Is there a museum inside La Mola Fortress Mahon?

Yes, there is a museum inside the fortress which houses a large number of historical artefacts.

Is Fortaleza La Mola Mahon a safe place to visit?

Yes, Fortaleza La Mola Mahon is a safe place to visit. It is recommended that you follow the instructions of the fortress staff and wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather.

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