Silver Tourism in Menorca

Pareja Silver de vacaciones en Menorca

Nowadays, there are many tourists over 50 years old who are looking for new experiences, such as sustainable nature tourism, specifically focused on ecotourism, agrotourism, adventure tourism or contact with animals, in addition to this they are looking for wellness, health tourism and cultural and gastronomic knowledge, these are called Silver Tourism and this time we are going to focus on Menorca.

Throughout this article we will mention how Silver Tourism in Menorca has become present and how many older people are attracted to it. Let’s get to know in depth new cultures in the most visited destinations in Menorca, a wonderful island located in the north-eastern part of the Balearic archipelago, in the Mediterranean Sea.

The new Silver Tourist

These are older people who are accustomed to new technologies, i.e. they book and search online for the trips they want to take, they use their Smartphone or tablet to find a whole range of possibilities and create their next holiday destination.

The new silver tourist is demanding, they are people who like to demand quality services and are looking for a break from routine. They are between 55 and 70 years old, older people who are in very good health and have the income to take on all kinds of challenges.

For this style of people Menorca is one of the perfect and ideal places for Silver Tourists, this for its tranquility, its excellent nature and its beautiful beaches, it is an island that is very well preserved and has beautiful and extraordinary natural environments that to this day remain unspoilt and most importantly it continues to maintain sustainable tourism that allows many people to visit this beautiful place.

Sustainable nature tourism

One of the tourism objectives of the so-called Silver is sustainability and wellbeing, this includes wild tourism, agrotourism, ecotourism, as well as contact with nature, animals and adventure tourism.

A whole experience, where the traveller is the one who defines their destination and also selects the activities they wish to do, in this particular case in Menorca.

A destination that cannot be overlooked is Menorca, it is a beautiful and sustainable place, ideal for silver tourism, where you can enjoy an excellent holiday in the Mediterranean, its waters are crystal clear, the landscapes are lush and the beaches are very beautiful, all especially perfect for sustainable nature tourism.

Within the options for a sustainable nature and ecological accommodation experience in Menorca you will find many options, such as:

Agrotourism (Hotels)

This type of experience can be found in the central part of the island of Menorca, where agrotourism is a reference in terms of green policies.

There are hotels where luxury and excellent service are combined with the most characteristic customs of Menorca, in this case we are referring to agriculture. Many of the hotels work with renewable energies and all of them have their own products.

Sustainable and ecological activities

In Minorca you can find different types of sustainable and ecological activities for Silver tourism, as it is a perfect destination for those who wish to enjoy a sustainable holiday.

Among the destinations that you can find we have:

  • Cycling routes and hiking routes: both are available along the Camí de Cavalls, one of the most unique and totally natural trails.
  • Kayak excursions, as well as diving in nature reserves.
  • Menorca has protected areas, this is a Biosphere Reserve island, here you can see the beautiful marine life.

Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is of great importance and it allows silver tourism in Menorca to visit the island, visit the monuments and museums. In addition to this, it allows the silver tourist to do educational tourism, in this case, all the experiences of the different sectors of the island are mixed, as well as wellness and gastronomy.

We cannot overlook the fact that silver tourists are demanding people, this means that quality is present, that is why the food in Menorca is always fresh, exquisite and local.

When you are on holiday, you always want to try the typical dishes of the area, in Menorca you can find that perfect place to eat, as the cuisine of this beautiful island is based on local seafood and fish, all gourmet.

Importantly, in the island’s main markets you can find the island’s agriculture in small shops selling vegetables and fruit that have been grown in small family gardens. You will be able to taste a unique harvest.

Things to keep in mind if you want to do Silver Tourism

If you are interested in doing silver tourism in Menorca and enjoying the north and south of the island, as well as tasting and savouring its gastronomy, doing activities and visiting its villages, then take note of the following:

  • Prepare your luggage for approximately 7 days, which is the most advisable for you to be able to travel around the island.
  • However, if you have some free time and you want to enjoy the natural environment and also the luxuries that Menorca offers, then during your trip you can go shopping, go on excursions, visit the most outstanding beaches, visit the viewpoints and make stops to visit the beautiful monuments of the island of Menorca, for this I recommend that you prepare your luggage for approximately 10 days.
  • It is important to bear in mind that the climate of the island is totally Mediterranean and the summers are hot. The months from May to September are the months with the most sunshine and the most hours of daylight, so it is best to bring comfortable clothes for the hottest days.
  • In Menorca you have the possibility to do different outdoor activities, among the most recommended are: hiking, apnea, cycling, kayaking, diving, snorkelling, sailing, paragliding, horse riding, among others.
  • Most of the beaches in Menorca are unspoilt; however, bear in mind that in the months of July and August these beaches are usually full of visitors.
  • If you want to have a good time, in Menorca you can enjoy the local fiestas, these fiestas are usually a lot of fun and mostly involve horses that are of the Menorquina breed. The most famous local festival on the island is the Sant Joan in Ciutadella.
  • Hotel reservations should be made 6 to 8 months in advance, as Menorca is a popular tourist destination. Some people tend to book their hotel or flat a year in advance.

In Menorca Silver Tourism supports the local economy, this means that it benefits the whole population with job opportunities and also preserves the natural resources of this beautiful island.

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