What to do in Menorca

Qué hacer en Menorca

There is no greater satisfaction than visiting Menorca in summer and having a glass of wine or a glass of pomada while listening to the sea. Menorca is a very small island, but it will leave huge experiences in you. Boredom does not exist on this Balearic island, where every place has rewarding activities for the whole family.

Likewise, if you prefer to just visit the place and clear your mind, that’s fine. However, there are adventurous tourists who want to see Menorca at its best. We have prepared a list of things to do in Menorca, so that you can plan your trip well.

Let’s get started! Menorca has its arms wide open waiting for you to enjoy its streets, gastronomy, beaches and much more.

1. Kayak

In Cala Fornells or Cala Tirant you can practice this incredible and fun activity. This bay is very popular in Menorca, where its crystal clear waters will be witness to your laughter and water sports. If you are a nature lover, this is a great place to go for a walk, as its surroundings are decorated with the best flora and rocks.

It is possible to go on excursions around this cove, and it is also very close to a fishing village. In Cala Fornells you can go kayaking with the appropriate safety equipment, you can sail by boat to get to know more of the area, and you can even go scuba diving to see another perspective of the island.

2. Visit a religious sanctuary

The island has many important religious sanctuaries, churches and museums that identify Menorca. If you want to see from its highest point you can visit the sanctuary on Monte Toro, which has been admired for centuries as a watchtower and monastery.

There are remains of a Gothic church, but it is the panoramic views of the island that will really catch your eye. This place continues to be an important sanctuary and pilgrimage site for Franciscan nuns.

3. Enjoy the local festivities

Menorca is an island where celebration and joy are always present, especially at the beginning of summer and extending into September. Each town celebrates its patron saint’s fiestas in style, full of food, fireworks, open-air dances, drinking and much more.

Menorca has preserved its traditional and symbolic significance for many years. You can see performances with the horses, the atmosphere is set by orchestras and the happiness of all the inhabitants. At these moments we must forget the silent island, here the emotion will be at its peak.

4. Watch the best sunset of your life

Cova d’en Xoroi has some of the best sunsets in Menorca, being a very popular nightclub and terrace in Menorca, but it is not very crowded, so relaxing and watching the sunset with a typical Menorcan drink will fill you with emotion and will be an incredible alternative.

The views from this place are also breathtaking, but it has a unique atmosphere that you will never forget. You will be able to choose an ideal spot after walking around all the terraces, you will also be able to see a dance floor. The entrance to this place is very cheap, as well as the typical dishes of the island.

5. Nightlife in Menorca

Of course, even the nights are full of fun. The nightlife in Menorca is very fun, full of activities and above all very safe. It is worth mentioning that you can only enjoy elegant and beautiful nights in Mahon and Ciutadella, where you can find old bars that celebrate the nights with drinks.

The harbours are decorated by the lights of the stars, the boats can offer rides and you will find many people having a good time in the harbour, something that is common among travellers. There is also no euphoria and energy in the evenings, but having fun is not hard work.

6. Enjoy the local food

Who can resist the smell of lobster stew? Impossible, it’s a smell that fills every eatery. Although caldereta de langosta is a typical Menorcan dish, it is also the best known and most requested by tourists.

There are many typical dishes worth trying, and you can’t miss the Menorcan cheese, wine and gin to preserve the flavour at home. The island’s cuisine is undoubtedly based on fish and seafood, so don’t miss out on their nutritious combinations.

7. Horse riding

The Camí Reial is a very ancient path in Menorca, where you can fill yourself with joy surrounded by nature while riding a horse, or if you prefer you can walk along this route. This path is important for Menorca, as it connects Ciutadella and Mahon, since Roman times.

Being a totally natural path it has changed over the years, but it still offers this path full of nature and a very peaceful atmosphere. You can also visit the cliffs, prehistoric caves and ancient wells on the Camí Reial.

8. Aquarock water park

Enjoying the clear skies and bright sunshine to the fullest can be a great option from a water park. Aquarock is the largest water park in Menorca, where you can enjoy slides, wave pools or relax under the gaze of a huge dragon.

There is all kinds of fun to be had at this park, so don’t hesitate to visit if you get the chance. The prices are very affordable and it is ideal for a family holiday. There are outdoor trampolines, so when you get tired of the water you can opt for other activities.

9. Back to antiquity

Many travellers are fond of ancient culture and traditions, as well as the structures that pervade the island. Be sure to visit the old town in the city of Mahon, where its squares, streets and enjoying a good coffee in the open air, will be a very peaceful adventure.

You can visit the Museum of Menorca, which is hidden in a very important monastery in the capital.

10. Swim in turquoise waters

Relaxing in one of the island’s most popular coves should be on the agenda as they are the island’s main attractions, impossible to miss. Cala Turqueta is dazzling for its natural scenery and turquoise water where you can swim for a whole afternoon.

Incredible ways to have fun in Menorca, don’t you think?

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