What to see in Menorca

Qué ver en Menorca

Visiting Menorca is a great experience on such a small island. Certainly, the jewels that Menorca has to offer are beautiful beaches, full of incredible colours that distinguish each one of them. Although, white sand, shining sun, crystal clear waters and nature are part of this trip, not all landscapes will look at you with the same eyes.

Knowing in advance what to see in Minorca is a great idea for planning your routes around the island. On this Balearic island there is no such thing as boredom, you will find activities to do at any time of the day or night, even in any season of the year.

What to see in Minorca in 3 days?

Visiting Ciutadella

Of course we had to start with the biggest city of Minorca, being a city full of charm, magic and corners with unique landscapes that will make you feel this island from another perspective.

The festivities in Ciutadella are an important part, every date is important to concentrate the streets with thousands of people witnessing all the work that the celebrations suggest throughout the year. However, it is a very calm city, where each space gives you culture, tradition and history.

Visit Cape Artrutx

It is a rather remote place, but it will be worth every second on the south-western tip of Menorca. At Cabo de Artrutx you can visit the lighthouse, which is away from all the tourist sites. For lovers of unique sunsets in colours and sensations, this is one of the places you must visit.

Menorca has the best sunsets, impossible not to visit the lighthouse at the Cape of Artrutx. So for a place that is not very busy you can totally relax and even look for accommodation nearby.

Visiting the coves and beaches

Let’s not forget that Menorca is known for its beautiful beaches and coves, some of which are unspoilt with beautiful scenery that you will never forget. Among Menorca’s natural wonders, it is impossible not to mention its main attraction, its crystal clear turquoise waters, clear skies, shining sun and fine sand for your comfort.

Among the most beautiful coves you can visit: Cala Macarella, known for being a nudist beach, close to another of the best, Cala Turqueta, where the intense turquoise waters will alter all your emotions. Cala Escorxada is full of tranquillity with no structures around, and Cala Galdana is a family beach.

What to see in Menorca in 4 days?


Let’s go back to the magical towns, Mahon could be your great welcome to Minorca as this is the main port. This city is the most important for the island, where joy floods every corner, at any time and day of the year. Starting your 4 day Menorca trip here is the best option.

This is the historical, cultural centre, full of tradition and delicious gastronomy you will have no doubt about it at any time. Visiting the church of Santa Maria is an incredible stop for travellers, as, apart from being an important religious element, it has a fundamental history.

Pont d’en Gil

It is a natural rock bridge that forms a hole in the middle of some cliffs that have the island, it is a very quiet area, moreover, many sports are practised there.

It is possible to cross the big hole and perceive from many perspectives this beautiful and magical place. Possibly it has some historical facts that some experts in the area will tell you, so know everything about this natural place.

The Naveta des Tudons

It is the oldest building in Europe and is in perfect condition. It is said to date back to 1200 BC. It is made of stones fitted together for funerary purposes, which was certified after extensive excavations around the site. There is no other such place in the world, which is why it is so important for the continent.

S’Albufera des Grau

The biggest and most beautiful natural park of Menorca, it has more than 5.000 hectares and it is a fundamental place to visit Menorca at its best.

In this lagoon you can find cliffs, forests and a diversity of flora and fauna to see much more than crystal clear waters and white sand. There are routes that take you through the park while explaining each of its most important aspects.

What to see in Menorca in 5 days?

Es Castell

Although we cannot enter this village directly, it is very close to Mahón, so it is possible to get there by boat in just a few minutes. This village is known for seeing the sun in the first place in Europe. With its straight streets, squares, architecture and beautiful terraces, it is ideal for your first stop. Don’t miss the Cales Fonts quay.

The fortress of La Mola

A very important place for Menorca, this fortress was created to protect the island from attack and has not lost its status since its creation. You can venture through the labyrinths, see the prisons inside and learn a lot of history from the eastern point of Spain. There are excursions to get to know this place in more detail.

Sant Esteve Cove

This beautiful cove located to the south of Es Castell is a must to visit during your 5 days in Menorca. It can be reached by boat and you can enjoy the whole day with crystal clear water, fine white sand and the brightest sunshine. It is also a very large beach where the whole family can enjoy.


5 days are enough to get to know another of the most beautiful villages in Menorca. The white houses, each street with its unique architecture, the sound of the sea waves and a beautiful blue sky, will be a pleasant experience, in addition, its harbours and beaches are beautiful. It is important to maintain silence, as peace and magic are kept in every corner.

Mount Toro

Finally, visiting one of the most important places for Menorca is a good option, from Monte Toro you will be able to observe the highest point of the island with an impressive view, you will be able to see a 360° panoramic view of the whole island. You can go up on foot or by car to be quicker, once you are at the top you won’t want to come down.

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