Where to see the sunset in Menorca

Atardecer en Menorca

The sunset is a magical moment that we can observe at the end of a day full of fun, its colours give off a lot of peace and tranquillity when we observe them with attention. The sun that accompanied you all day long hides on the horizon, while the sky celebrates with colours for you to contemplate this beautiful natural spectacle.

All sunsets are different, so find out the best places to watch the sunset in Menorca after a day full of activities with your partner or family. Visiting Menorca is a rewarding experience, so you should make the most of every second on this island.

Forget the stress and worries that everyday life gives you, and enjoy the last moment of the day with a wonderful sunset in the best places in Menorca to watch the sunset. Let’s start!

Cova d’en Xoroi

This place is a classic Menorcan sunset spot, impossible not to mention it in the first place. Thousands of people watch the sunset from this terrace with a beer, glass of wine or pomada, every summer. This large terrace or cave is located above the sea, and in the evenings it is an incredible discotheque.

This is the most popular sunset in Menorca, however, it is not a very crowded place due to its remoteness. To enter you have to pay a very cheap ticket, and enjoying the products on offer is not expensive either.

You can’t miss this Menorcan classic with your family, partner or friends, where its connected terraces give you the best view at sunset in Menorca. Although it is the most famous and popular place, it is not the only one where you can watch the sunset.

Punta Nati Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built in 1912 for surveillance purposes due to the high number of shipwrecks in the area. Nowadays it is one of the most important places in Menorca where the sunset is its magic at the end of the day. This place is very close to Ciutadella, so it is very easy to get to.

If you are a lover of cycling, you can reach the place from the road and return very carefully. Its access is very easy and free, where many people come at the end of the day to watch the beautiful sunset near the sea.

The military constructions have been converted into excellent balconies, so they have not lost their function, you will have the sun saying goodbye in the sea and the moon shining for a magical night in Menorca.

Son Bou Baech

A sunset by the sea. What more could we ask for? Menorca stands out among many travellers for its beaches and coves, so watching the sunsets at Son Bou Beach will be an unforgettable experience taking away all our stress and tiredness from our routine.

This beach is the largest of the whole island, where you can enjoy with the whole family or as a couple. Many people start arriving in the afternoon with their bottles of wine, beer or pomade and a snack to contemplate the sunset at its best.

Lying on the fine white sand, crystal clear water showing its beauty and impeccable sounds, watching all the colours of the sky as a thank you for your visit, this sunset is not to be missed.

Mount Toro

This place is very important and religious for Menorca, but you must contemplate the sunset from the most beautiful views of the island. When you visit Monte Toro you can see the whole island in a panoramic view, watching the sunset falling over the whole of Menorca is a unique and unforgettable experience.

It is important that you choose a clear day to go up, spend a pleasant afternoon taking the best photos and then watch the sunset over the whole island. It is advisable to go in summer, as the sky is clear and you will be able to observe without any problems.

Going to this wonder is totally free, and there is even parking nearby for those who wish to leave their car. This is a religious sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of Monte Toro, but it also has incredible historical facts.

Castle of San Nicolás

This place is located in Ciutadella, where watching the sunset is a marvel that not everyone appreciates. There are places in Menorca where you can contemplate an incredible sunset that you would least imagine, it is a question of being much more receptive and having a dream adventure.

This monument is of military origin, like almost everything in Menorca, but it maintains its elegance and function for all tourists, built on the coast. You will be able to observe other lighthouses of the island from this incredible monument, besides watching a magical sunset you will be able to fill yourself with history.

It can be your favourite spot, like many people, contemplate the beautiful colours of the sunset falling on the island, where the sea will be happy to give its sounds to relax an entire island.

Lighthouse of Cavalleria

This lighthouse is one of the most popular and crowded in Menorca, to see the sunset in Menorca is to fall in love with the island, if we pay attention to the small details, we will be part of its magic with which it floods us in every place. The Cavalleria lighthouse is very close to the fishing village of Fornells, so it is very easy to visit.

This lighthouse was built in the northernmost part of the island, as there were many shipwrecks in 1857. Since then it has been a historic spot and an ideal place to watch the sunset. You can taste the best drinks of the place while the sea smiles as the wonderful sun sets.

Chiringuito Sa Posta de Sol

To end our tour among the most precious Menorcan sunsets that you must contemplate, it is in Ciutadella without a doubt. You can have a drink while you relax watching each of the colours of the sunset, with its atmosphere you will be able to free yourself from all stress.

What better way to end the day? Menorca is an island with millions of activities at all hours, one of them is to watch the sunset from Chiringuito Sa Posta de Sol where you will have plenty of space to watch the sunset, moreover, it is one of the obligatory stops on the island.

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